I help deep feeling, highly sensitive trauma survivors honor their emotions, clear energetic pain from their bodies and heal their hearts by writing their stories.

mindful writing to heal trauma

As a deeply feeling, empathic woman, you know you don’t have the luxury of ignoring your emotional pain. You long to release the trauma your body carries, maybe you’ve even tried journaling, but something internal always stops you from going deep enough to effect any real change. Or maybe you’re thinking about it too much. It’s scary, confusing and often triggering to try processing intense emotions alone. You need a guide, a hand to hold and a way to process that gently incorporates your body, because that’s where the trauma lives.

As an Intuitive and Somatic Writing Coach, I offer you the dual gifts of liberation and validation – for your experiences and your feelings. You’re not crazy, broken or too sensitive. Your anxiety and physical pain are related to your emotional pain. I help you turn inward and open a dialogue with your body, the heart of your heart and the core of your wounds. I guide you to clear energetic trauma and grow self affirmation in its place by honoring what you hear when you’re brave enough to listen.

I know you’ve felt invisible and alone, and you’re tired of feeling brittle. I see you. I honor you. The alchemy of our work together lies in my enabling you to say the same to what you hold inside: I see you. I honor you. And eventually: I love you.

I listen compassionately, offer intuitive writing prompts and hold safe space for you to explore, express and empower your own internality.

Heart healing. Body calming. Soul Nourishing. Calling your power back to you now.

my name is jennifer.

I am an author, Intuitive Writing Coach and emotional abuse survivor. I help sensitive women (typically INFJ and INFP personality types) who feel damaged and disembodied after trauma return gently to their bodies and discover compassion, self-love and deep self-trust through the magic of the written word.

I believe in the power of telling our stories. I believe it is our trapped emotions, traumas, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences that we hold in our nervous systems that are the source of everything that ails us.

And I believe that deep feeling, traumatized women who are willing to explore, express and release their (sometimes dark) feelings gain agency over their stories, hearts and lives.

My heart’s mission is supporting highly sensitive women in finding clarity and emotional freedom after trauma using the brave acts of self-exploration and truth telling.

How we can work together