Jennifer Arnspiger

Hello, I’m Jennifer. INFJ Empath, published author, nationally-accredited ballroom dancer, healer and super sensitive soul. I’m a wellness junkie intimately familiar with somatic experiencing & trauma recovery, a walking contradiction as comfortable with emotional darkness as I am happiness & light. I help fellow sensitive souls heal from things that steal our light through the practices of writing, Desire Mapping and empowering our bodies through dance.


Ballroom & Bloom

Elegant embodiment of your Core Desired Feelings means bringing how you desire to feel into your body from a place of empowerment & beauty.

For the energetically sensitive, empathic introvert with no real desire for a partner (because this is about you), who feels things deeply and longs to reconnect with her body.

Return to your body gently, elegantly and innocently. Each dance is prescriptive and every one is magic.


What They Say

Dark Pretty Book


Dark Pretty

Through feeling different from a young age and falling into toxic relationships to finally reconciling herself as a survivor of narcissistic abuse, Jennifer takes us along her journey of awakening as an INFJ Empath.

Part sensitive survival story, part love note to the rarest personality type in the world, Dark Pretty demonstrates the power of learning to recognize toxic behavior, enacting boundaries and owning your magical complexity as a traumatized, awakening soul.

“You have this insanely poetic way of translating exactly what it’s like to have this kind of power living in this kind of world. It’s amazing. Your work is really going to touch the hearts of a lot of people. I know it has touched mine.” – Shari M.

“Wow, what a potent piece of literature. Thank you for taking your audience on the ride of a lifetime.” – Angela P.

Heartbreaking and soothing at the same time. Thank you.” – Angela P.

“This is going to help sooo many people.” – Claire R.

“It’s so nice to know people are like me and [that] I’m not an alien, standing in a field of flowers alone.” – Dori R.


The Desire Map

It’s holistic goal setting, but really so much more than that.

It’s your northern star back to yourself.

A heart-centered practice for divining how you want to feel, after everything that’s happened. Or is happening.

Return to your heart. Discover your Core Desired Feelings. Be guided as you learn to curate your life around how you really want to feel. Because enjoying your journey is everything. And sometimes you need a little help.

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