Welcome, Sensitive Soul

Highly sensitive healing happens here:  physically, emotionally & energetically

Hello, I'm Jennifer Arnspiger, a Highly Sensitive Empath who knows well what it's like to manifest painful experiences somatically, to feel unseen and unhelpable by conventional means and hopeless about the mystery pain that often comes on the heels of trauma and stays long after that initial experience has passed.

I'm a writer, dancer and certified Ondamed practitioner offering frequency medicine sessions (for literally whatever ails you), essential oils to nurture balance through the limbic brain, movement therapy based on the wisdom of ballroom dance and Desire Map Coaching to help you drop into your heart, identify how you truly, deeply want to feel, right now, and how to create that for yourself.

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Are you . . .

Suffering chronic ('explained' or unexplained) pain?

Feeling heartbroken?

Disassociated from your body?

Struggling with anxiety?

Sensitive to energy?

Reeling from narcissistic abuse?

Feeling way too full of toxic darkness?

Ready to take back sensory enjoyment of your life?


If you answered yes to any of the above, you're who I feel called to serve.

I'm so glad you're here.

Keep reading to learn more about my services.

Healing begins with identifying then treating imbalances on physical, emotional and energetic levels. They're all connected and they all contribute to symptoms, especially in sensitive women.

Introducing Ondamed:

Ondamed is Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Medicine technology. Treatment is based on your own pulse biofeedback, is 100% personalized, non-invasive, innovative and incredibly effective. (Did I mention super relaxing?) It balances spiritual, mental, emotional and physiological states simultaneously. It destroys pathogens, clears trauma, nourishes the nervous system, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and so much more. When nothing else works, Ondamed works.

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doTERRA Essential Oils

Healing is a process of releasing and replacing.

Releasing trapped negative feelings makes room for us to receive and create positive feelings. Therapeutic-grade essential oils communicate directly with our limbic brain, the storehouse of emotional pain and trauma. They help us come back to emotional balance and peace again and again. They are deliciously luxuriant, safe-sensory, effective and supremely gentle additions to our sensitive self-care toolkit.

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Holistic Ballroom

For the introverted, sensitive woman who has been through *darkness but refuses to stay there.  A weekly video series designed to honor your sensitive body, the journey that led to disconnection and, critically, the magic of reconnecting to yourself through gentle, inspired movements grounded in the wisdom of ballroom and latin dance. Magical, empowering, feminine and so not about the guy.

Ready to get magical?  Come on in . . . 

Ballroom Dance Shoes

The Desire Map

I facilitate public workshops and private 1:1 coaching based on The Desire Map, a deeply magical process of dropping into yourself, feeling seen and honored, discovering your Core Desired Feelings then devising a roadmap for following them into your own, deeply deserved blooming.

Things have a curious way of finding us when we're ready for them. There really are no coincidences.

Ready?   join me here. 

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Interested in working with me?

I'd love to connect with you.  Contact me here