Pensive me

Making It Beautiful To Let Go

When we start moving after a long time being still, things can change really fast. We’re putting the invitation out there and calling the Law of Attraction into our energy systems, our lymph, our blood and veins. Our subconscious, even.

My Evidential Proof

Five days ago, I put on my satin ballroom dance heels and danced for the first time in about six months. I’ve maybe danced three times in the last seven years, all of it in the last six months, gingerly building up to today and what I now long to share.

I spent the afternoon recording and editing (you can find the video on my IGTV channel, if you’re interested), and by the time night fell, the Universe had gone absolutely crazy with signs that I was in full alignment. It was vibrational and blissful and magical and extremely overwhelming.

The Fairly Common Empath Response

That night, I had the most intense dream of the relationship and person I’m trying to put behind me that I’ve had in years. (It’s worth noting here that I haven’t actually had a dream around this person in I can’t remember how long. It’s a super-uncommon occurrence these days (so have hope if you’re not there yet!).

The next day I was so exhausted, I could barely move. By the third day, the signs were back: that special song that is the Universe telling me not to give up, 111s and 333s all over the place. On the fourth day, songs I used to love but that my heart could not bear for the memories they held came back to me in a flood and this creative little honoring ebook came with them.

*Side note: I appreciate you following my blog and hope you’re finding it valuable. As a thank you gift, you can download the ebook free right here. (It’s short and pretty.)

The Magic Beneath the Magic

It is said that INFJs have an almost preternatural awareness of the greater design in life. We see the patterns, the functioning sacred geometry below everyday experience. I’ve often felt like this is true. It grows only more true the more we trust ourselves. Our intuition yells until we listen, then calms down once it feels heard, then it whispers. On really magical, truly meaningful days, it will actually sing. Is that something you’ve experienced?

As such, here is what I see: The experience of these last five days was stagnant energy, toxic, sad, heartbreak energy moving out of me. It’s energy with the potential to make (or keep) me sick being cleared out. It’s a snapshot of what “processing” really looks like: I made space inside myself and trusted my heart and gut and good things, magical things poured right in.

Transmuting Pain Into Something Beautiful

I’ll be taking it one step further, the divine closing of this lovely circle, by sharing a tiny glimpse into how my services might/can/maybe/could look for you if a guide on the journey back to yourself is something you’re looking for. I’ll be taking that song, the one locked away from pain then resurrected that I’m now using to heal, and I’ll be showing how we can dance to it in my IGTV. (Hint: It’s a swing . . !)

I hope to see you over there.  I hope you have a wonderful, sweet, slightly magical day even more.



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