About Me

I have always been a writer, deeply creative, deeply sensitive. The literary impulse came very young, I think as a response to needing to process all kinds of stimuli and an ever-increasing sense of being different than everyone around me.

I fell in love with the elegance and somatic beauty of ballroom dancing when I was seventeen, impulsively deciding to teach before even finishing high school and I have been dancing ever since, in some form. I graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Mexico with an honors thesis in creative writing, and studied for my Masters in creative writing at Hollins University. During graduate school, I began work on my first novel The Thrilling Time and am publishing it soon. I've recently published a collection of short stories, Pretty Piece of Flesh, and am completely in love with it and the response it's getting out in the world.

All this time beneath the surface, however, my body was in anarchy. It began expressing terrible 'mystery' symptoms apropos of nothing at around 12 years old. They continued to heighten through my mid-thirties when, after decades of no doctor being able to help me, I had no quality of life at all. My creative magic was a solace getting harder and harder to access as days went by.

I had no idea then what a highly sensitive infj empath was or that I was one, straight down the line. Needless to say, I experienced and absorbed a great deal of trauma and loss in my life attempting to balance these light and dark experiences.

Thankfully, I found an amazing naturopathic doctor who brought me back from the brink. I studied the wisdom she shared with me like my life depended on it, because it truly did. And for what even she couldn't remedy, she recommended Ondamed.

In three months, Ondamed was able to clear devastating infections and stress from my body that we hadn't been able to touch in two years. This was my introduction to the fact that the frequencies of energy in our bodies can and do manifest as physical symptoms. I had my own lab results as proof. I was boggled.

I'd gotten my health back, but more vitally, a sense of agency and understanding about my body and how I could help it in my daily life. I became a certified practitioner soon after.

I am on the recovery journey now: body, mind, heart, magic. And that journey is perpetual, as it is for all sensitive souls.

I advocate and practice the truth that in order for deeply sensitive, empath souls to be healthy, we need to be connected to our happy. We need to be able to manage our stress and discomfort in a way that doesn't hurt us further (looking at you acupuncture and prescription drugs) and brings us gentle, tangible results. Without this baseline, how can we possibly connect to our own beautiful senses of magic and worth in this life?

I don't think we can. Not if we're being honest. The losses of health and sensuous life force occur concurrently.

And so my business is to help you feel seen and guided on the highly sensitive empath journey. To bring your body + emotions into consistent balance with Ondamed and daily use of luxurious, therapeutic-grade doTERRA essential oils. I use narrative therapy, elegantly magical movement and Desire Mapping to help you take back your life, find peace with this very particular path and recover the personal magic you were always meant to embody.