Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Highly Sensitive Healing

Right After It Ends

There is much written on the importance of leaving toxic relationships. Much of it saved me when I was dropped out of my own, twisting in space and at a complete loss of what to expect, what had just happened, or what had in fact been happening for years. I don’t know that I would …

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Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Jennifer Arnspiger

Reconnecting to Self After Darkness

I don’t look the same outside or feel the same inside, and therefore find it extremely disconcerting to reconnect with myself. But it’s never harder than when we first begin.

Ondamed Jennifer Arnspiger

The Frequencies of Health

The frequency of a healthy, happy body vibrates between 62-72 MHz. Isn’t that amazing?  That it is actually, scientifically known that our bodies become receptive to certain illnesses when our frequency drops below a certain level? But it makes so much sense.  Frequencies are also associated with various emotional states. Angry. Stressed. Resentful. Despairing.  Excited. …

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