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How Do You Want to Feel?

This is the umbrella question that guides my life, as well as all my services. Safe, beautiful, soothing and inspiring sensation is vital for highly sensitive women and empaths. Perpetual exposure nourishes our delicate (porous) nervous systems that notice everything. Flooding our daily lives with beauty creates a lovely counterbalance to all that is difficult, overwhelming,… Read More How Do You Want to Feel?

Highly Sensitive

The Frequencies of Health

The frequency of a healthy, happy body vibrates between 62-72 MHz. Isn’t that amazing?  That it is actually, scientifically known that our bodies become receptive to certain illnesses when our frequency drops below a certain level? But it makes so much sense.  Frequencies are also associated with various emotional states. Angry. Stressed. Resentful. Despairing.  Excited.… Read More The Frequencies of Health