Dark Pretty

Dark Pretty by Jennifer Arnspiger Book Cover

I am writing Dark Pretty: Tale of an INFJ and Her Body of Experience as my Nanowrimo 2019 project. It will be a memoir and rumination on what it's like to grow up and be the world's rarest (2% of the population!) personality type.

Nanowrimo is an International Writing Movement where participants commit to writing 50,000 (hopefully not utterly incoherent) words of a manuscript, which is the standard length of a traditional novel. This year, after a really long time away and a really long loss of self, I'll be writing Dark Pretty, likely right up to the midnight deadline on November 30th. (Send coffee vibes . . !)

In an effort to keep myself accountable, I have two things going that if you are interested, I'd love to have you participate in.

The first is that I am sending out a daily excerpt (1 to 1 +1/2 pages) to every subscriber on my email list of my daily word count. These excerpts will be polished, but keep in mind that they are first drafts. This is your chance to get a super up-close and personal look at both the subjects/themes and the book itself in it's gorgeously raw infancy. To get in on this action, simply sign up for my newsletter. You can do so from the sidebar on my homepage, or the pop up that . . . well, pops up when you first visit me.

Secondly, to supercharge my motivation and secure yourself what will be a marvelous and illuminating book, you can preorder your copy now. *I realize this is an act of faith, but if you're called, you're called, and I will absolutely. love. it. appreciate. it. reward that faith ten fold with everything I've got. Promise.

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Dark Pretty: Tale of an INFJ Empath and Her Body of Experience