Elegant embodiment for trauma recovery

Elegant Embodiment for Trauma Recovery

Women who identify as deeply empathic and/or highly sensitive share a great many intrinsic traits: our nervous systems notice any and all stimulation everywhere around us all the time. We are, as a result of this constant processing, more prone to stress, anxiety, depression, codependency, exhaustion, confusion relating to what energy we feel is ours and what belongs to people around us and the somatization of these things in our physical bodies. The cumulative effect of which is an eventual and often profound disconnection from our physical experience. Elegant embodiment is the highly sensitive woman’s answer to this consistently serious problem.

Movement as a Healing Tool

Trauma expert Peter Levine coined the phrase, “The body keeps the score.” It has been well-established in the time since that a vital aspect of treating trauma, whether acute (as in a singular event) or chronic (as in the constant overload detailed above) is through physical movement. Yoga, running, lifting weights, pilates, exercise, a dance class.

But what if you are energy sensitive and introverted? What if aesthetics affect you deeply? It’s so normal for people like this to forgo any exercise whatsoever because we are shy, we don’t want to be inundated by the energy of the other people in the room (that’s just more of the same stress), we need gentility, we’re overwhelmed by new visuals, smells, energy imprints, air quality, light quality, tone of instructors, on and on. Our bodies are already vulnerable enough, and often before a class has even started, we’re in a state of survival, not healing. Most definitely not joy.

Ballroom Dancing is the Perfect Elegant Embodiment Tool

I discovered ballroom dancing and began teaching professionally in 1995. I fell immediately in love with everything about the way it felt inside my body. Ballroom and Latin dances (by which I mean: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha, East Coast and West Coast Swing) are so much more than partner dances, rhinestones, mad-looking competitions and fiery outfits.

Ballroom dancing my way is about feeling sweetness, magic and innocence in our bones. What it feels like the first time we slip a pair of two-inch satin ballroom dance heels on our feet and take our first steps. It’s about the safety we can find in established patterns and movements; there’s no need to worry about making things up on the fly because that can feel overwhelming too.

I offer ballroom dance lessons to Intuitive Introverted Women who long for embodiment but dread all the things often associated with it. I teach slow, gentle arm styling that is much more about how it feels to lift this over your head holding your wrist just that way and feeling your heart chakra expand as you stretch than it is what you look like to any external witness.

You may never dance anywhere but your own living room completely alone, or in a private lesson with me, but your embodiment will be elegant, your physical experience will be of the utmost importance and your healing will be magical and true.

The Desire Map in Trauma Recovery

The Desire Map is a holistic goal setting system created by Danielle LaPorte, based on her bestselling book The Desire Map. It’s an extremely heart-immersive process based on the fundamental idea that setting goals should really be about how we want to feel as we work towards them and how we want to feel when we get them checked off. 

For sensitive women recovering from trauma, being completely scrambled with no idea who we are, where our energy stops and others’ begin and what to do next, let alone how we actually want to feel in our own hearts is so normal.  This is why I created Ballroom & Bloom: a potent combination of dropping into your heart to discover your Core Desired Feelings and the prescriptive magic of specific dances to bring them alive in your body.

Ballroom & Bloom

Ballroom & Bloom launches at the end of February. I have created a school where you can select dances, patterns and techniques for all ballroom and latin dances (and at all levels) a la carte, learn through videos with me (and retain your access for life), and you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to working with me personally!

The immersive experience includes the full Desire Map coaching package (as private, one on one, energy sensitive coaching) integrated with your tailored dance program. You’ll find your heart again, return to your body and discover a magic you may not have known was even in there, all while releasing stagnant, old energy not serving you anymore, boost your confidence and reclaim your magic. So delicious.

Follow along for behind-the-scenes details around these offerings on Instagram and Facebook. Yay; can’t wait to see you!

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