Core Desired Feeling Jennifer Arnspiger

How Do You Want to Feel?

This is the umbrella question that guides my life, as well as all my services.

Safe, beautiful, soothing and inspiring sensation is vital for highly sensitive women and empaths. Perpetual exposure nourishes our delicate (porous) nervous systems that notice everything. Flooding our daily lives with beauty creates a lovely counterbalance to all that is difficult, overwhelming, exhausting and hard.

This is a lifelong endeavor we need to be mindful of.

When my life sort of dropped off the edge of the world, I went deeply internal to understand what had happened, who I was, what I needed and how I could begin to heal myself. To say that the answers I found were overwhelming would be a spectacular understatement.

I discovered and began to own the fact that I am an INFJ Empath. I felt not just like one, but like the quintessential one the more I researched. (Can you relate to that?) It began coming clear that what makes me different, what makes my needs so specific and constant is never going away. I’m never going to be normal; I’m never going to be able to do sustained normal things (i.e. aggressive, extrovert things) and I am always going to suffer if I don’t honor my needs.

My work going forward is in curating a life I do not need to survive daily, rather one that honors, nourishes and celebrates me and what what makes me feel alive.

What’s amazing (and a fait accompli, I suppose) is that it all keeps coming back to feelings.



The Desire Map is essentially a mind, body, heart roadmap for identifying how we truly, deeply want to feel that then guides us in living that alignment. It is a beautiful, self-affirming, filled-with-light tool that brings us continually back to ourselves – one of the lifelong empath needs I was talking about.


For me, taking up a pen and writing has always felt more natural than talking. I can feel my feelings and experiences as they spread across lines of paper before me. The page is a place where I don’t have to apologize or filter myself. I love the written word. I’m a writer and an author, but I’m not a romance or chick-lit (or any other genre) author. I write to tell truths and to feel life twice, sometimes hundreds of times. Even in my fiction, I write to make sense of life (mostly relationships) and to feel gloriously alive. Alive is a big one of my Core Desired Feelings. And writing absolutely never fails me.


And then there’s dancing. I’m a dancer in the same way that I’m a writer. I waltz, foxtrot, swing, rumba, cha cha, tango. And yet. As a highly sensitive woman and empath, one of the first things I appreciated about discovering ballroom dancing was that it gave me a framework to learn within. As opposed to someone putting on music and just inviting me to move. (Mortification. Horror. Hard pass.) Once I learned the box step, for example, then I could learn how to match it to music (which enables me to feel the music so much more deeply). To style it, and myself inside it.

Here, rising into what feels like light in my life after a long period of deep darkness and pain, I am beginning to dream once again of dancing. Not of doing the steps, necessarily. But feeling body flight. Isn’t that the most wonderful expression? Body flight. And it really can be learned through dance technique.

I can’t get away from this voice that keeps telling me that dancing will save me. (I believe that dancing can save women like me, too.) It reconnects us to the magic dormant within our bones, which has the potential to change everything. It may look like proper dance posture, arm styling, footwork and promenades, but really, it’s safe, elegant embodiment that calms and grounds us every time we show up to it, while plugging us into the electrical socket of what makes us feel truly alive.

That is what my services can do for you. Because we’re in this together. Or we certainly can be.


If you resonate, if you’re an HSP or empath woman on the awakening journey and you crave to feel deeply, beautifully connected to your body and your magic, I am creating a weekly series called The Magical Movement Sessions on a private YouTube channel to get us started. Gently, sweetly, protected and in the privacy of our own homes. Invitations to view will only be available through links in my Newsletter. This is sacred work, and I’ve found us a sacred space. I’m contemplating an adjoining private Facebook group, but am on the fence. Overwhelm + social media groups . . .

What do you think? Would a supportive community around this make you feel safer, more connected and seen (if you wanted to be)?  You can respond to this email or leave a comment on this post; you’re input will definitely be taken into consideration.

1:1 Desire Map Coaching, Magical Movement Sessions and a new book are all coming in the fall, as all magical things do, so be sure to sign up for my Newsletter for all the news first, and to join this beautiful movement from the beginning.

In the meantime, may the magic in you grow brighter each day, as the weather grows cooler.



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