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What is Ondamed and how does it work?

  • Ondamed is one of the world’s premier biophysics induction devices providing pulsed electromagnetic and biofeedback.
  • The practitioner can quickly determine the body’s underlying dysfunction and rapidly identify hidden physiological and emotional causes of symptoms
  • Ondamed focuses on the areas of illness that are identified and their precise location in the body. Once illness is identified, systemic therapeutic stimulus is applied.
  • Ondamed, therefor, jumpstarts the body’s immune function and healing process. It delivers healing tailored to each individual patient to help them achieve both physical and emotional healing.
  • During an Ondamed assessment, each patient treatment plan is customized based on the body’s priorities. This customized approach meets the patient’s needs and is constantly readjusted as the patient evolves and heals through treatment.
  • Ondamed, combined with my pulse biofeedback system, is the key to treatment customization providing improved outcomes in healing.

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Ondamed PEMF Therapy Jennifer Arnspiger

Ondamed: A Better Way To Make You Better

Why Ondamed works

  • It is effective for both acute and chronic conditions
  • All ages, from infants to adults and beloved dogs can be treated with Ondamed
  • Almost anyone, with any type of condition, mild or severe, can benefit from Ondamed
  • Delivers very specific frequencies to the patient based on biofeedback from their own pulse.
  • Ondamed has 20+ years of research behind it in Germany.

Heal your nervous system. Eliminate your pain. (Yes, really.)

Ondamed is a combination of innovative science and body magic.  It allows your body to tell us what it needs in the moment, through biofeedback from your own pulse (which is autonomic; it never lies). By scanning your body and listening for your pulse response, Ondamed reveals hidden areas of infection, inflammation, trauma (physical or emotional) and energetic imbalance at the root of your discomfort, then identifies the exact frequencies needed for healing.  Focused application of these frequencies stimulates a deeply personalized, non-invasive healing experience that illuminates what’s going on in your body while treating its physical, emotional and energetic aspects.

Ondamed Jennifer Arnspiger
The amazing Ondamed system
Ondamed PEMF therapy: innovative science + magic

Testimonial Love

“I am amazed how much better I felt after one treatment!  I have less pain and I’m able to move more. I’m impressed with your knowledge and services. Thank you so much!”

– Heidi Often, Client


What is Ondamed exactly?

Ondamed is an advanced Class II medical technology with more than 20 years of research and clinical use behind it in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. It is approved by the FDA in many countries (including the U.S) for use by medical healthcare professionals as:
A Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapeutic Medical Device for Tissue Stimulation with Intended Use for Pain Relief, Soft Tissue Injuries and Wound Healing. 

The brilliance of Ondamed lays in the personalization of treatment unique to each living being with the help of a biofeedback loop.

Watch this wonderful, informative video from the CEO of Ondamed, practitioners around the world and clients who share their own miraculous experiences with Ondamed.  It will inspire your heart. You can have a story like this too. Call today and discover how this amazing modality can help you!

How does it work?

As a practitioner, I scan with a hand-held applicator, moving it along your body while waiting for a biofeedback response from your pulse. This response indicates a resonance to specific frequencies and helps identify and bring your attention to stressed physiological areas of your body and areas of potential weaknesses. These weaknesses include hidden inflammation, infection, scars or cellular memory of unresolved shock and trauma. It is amazingly common for these areas to prove related to your symptoms as sessions progress.

My peaceul & inviting treatment space
My peaceul & inviting treatment space

More Testimonial Love

“Ondamed is amazing at relieving my stress and the physical symptoms that come with it: headache, fatigue, muscle pain and stiffness. it also boosts my mood and decreases my anxiety. I highly recommend it; it truly is amazing the difference it makes in overall well being.

– Jessica Goligoski, Registered Psychiatric Nurse


“I have experienced numerous Ondamed sessions to help with my chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis pain. After each one, I feel some degree of relief, sometimes a pronounced reduction of pain and other times a more subtle relief. Each session leaves me feeling more relaxed with less anxiety. There are absolutely no adverse side effects, only positive results.”

– Jo Arnspiger, Web Developer


“As soon as I laid down in Jennifer’s care, my body began to release stress and feel at ease. The Ondamed experience is relaxing and Jennifer’s soothing explanations create a warm environment. I felt lighter, more flexible and energized after my treatments.”

– Eva Maurice, Spiritual Counselor


“I’m feeling better with weekly Ondamed treatments. I was having pain and tingling in my leg everyday and I am a lot better; its very rare for me to have any symptoms at all with regular treatments. My gallbladder was messed up too and that has definitely gotten better. I don’t have the symptoms that was causing anymore. My numbness was not going away from regular doctor treatment, they just wanted to give me medicine, and Ondamed helped that, definitely. Jennifer is so sweet and personable. She’s easy to talk to and makes you feel really comfortable.”

– Karen

Find out how much better you can feel.


Single Ondamed session (55 minutes): $119

10 Session Package: $999 (Save $210 . . !) Discounted to help with chronic conditions.

I offer free 30 minute phone consultation to help you decide if Ondamed is right for you (and clear up any confusion you have about what it is, exactly).

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