One on One


One on One Desire Mapping promises beautiful, serious personal breakthroughs. You’ll have my undivided attention during live calls, and as much email support between our lives calls as you need.

Together we’ll brainstorm and dig deep to really get to the heart of your heart. I’ll ask you the deep questions that get you thinking and reflecting. You will re-connect and re-discover yourself, and I will support you every step of the way, sensitive soul to sensitive soul. We will do it together.

The Desire Map Experience can be done over months, gently and easily. Or we can really move through the material, or we can do a combination of both. Together we determine the perfect pace to suit your schedule and particular needs. It’ll be a Desire Map Experience just for you, because you’re so worthy – no matter what you’ve been through; you really are.


This is the full Desire Map Experience. It combines all of the content in Level 1 and Level 2 workshops. (More on exactly what that includes coming soon. In the meantime, reach out with a call . . !)

At the end of this program, you will have declared your Core Desired Feelings and set goals and intentions 100% true to you and who you are now. You’ll be making lovely shifts and feeling inspired and supported throughout the process. Are you ready?

Format: Six 75 -90 minute sessions

Frequency: One session every 10-14 days or 2 – 3 weeks. (You’re the boss.)

Location: Online.  Do you want the sessions recorded? Do you want audio-only calls or would you like video too? You decide, you’re the boss.

Includes: Official Desire Map Workbook + email support between sessions.

Investment: $900

Special Offer: A care package just for you

I’ll intuitively put together a special care package just for you. From my heart to yours. All chosen with intention based on your needs and energy. The contents of this care package will support you as we do this important work together.

If you would you rather meet up in person, we can do that. We’ll spend blissful days together Desire Mapping. If you’re resonating, call me today. There’s no need to stay disconnected from your own magic any longer.