Pretty Piece of Flesh

Short Story Collection by Jennifer Arnspiger

Pretty Piece of Flesh is a beautifully written, gorgeously devastating collection of three short stories. The lyrical language and sensory details deliver the heart-breaking, heart-stopping, heart-warming coming-of-age stories of Iris, Monet, Lily and Stella in stunning beauty and turn-the-page-tension. Danger, tenderness, desire, passion, innocence and its loss, all find their place among the stars and flowers, music and dancing, colors and light.”

– Judy Reeves, Author of Wild Women, Wild Voices and A Writer’s Book of Days



Have you ever been treated like a pretty piece of flesh? Have you ever looked at someone and thought (same)?

In this coming-of-age collection, young people navigate the damage and healing potential of intimacy. Iris is a naive teenager who experiences her first love and most altering loss in a ballroom dance studio. A band groupie has more to offer a rising star drummer than just her body, and in “Foie Gras,” a runner-up for The Jeffrey E. Smith Missouri Review Editor’s Prize, newly married Stella, obsessed with cooking the perfect foie gras, is grappling with more than one trauma in her relationship.

Lyrical and emotionally bare with a slightly magical bent, Pretty Piece of Flesh invites us to consider what tiny cracks and cruelties can do, and how ordinary those moments often look.

What Readers Are Saying

“My only complaint is I did not want it to be over so soon! I wanted to keep reading!”

“This is an incredible read.”

“I’m really loving it – it has a very literary feel to it: luscious language and descriptions, interesting, multi-dimensional characters. I love the sensory details and your talent for transporting readers into the scene. Wonderful.”

“I read all three stories in one sitting. I enjoyed them, really enjoyed them. I signed up to be notified of new work by Jennifer.”

“I am an avid reader but also a finicky reader. these riveting stories pulled my right in. Give [this] collection a read and her a big shout out for her bravery and commitment to excellence.”

“Your Kenn story killed me . . . “

Goodreads Pretty Piece of Flesh
Goodreads Pretty Piece of Flesh
Goodreads Pretty Piece of Flesh

“Breathtaking . . . “

“I love the dangerous edge to these stories.”

“I liked this book from the first page.”

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