work with jennifer

truth teller

A holistic writing experience for healing trauma on a somatic level. In truth teller, you’ll writing your body. Where do you feel what happened? You’ll discover links between unexpressed emotions, unprocessed trauma and physical pain, and explore that space through writing prompts and deep dive conversations.

You feel chronically invisible and disconnected from your truth. You body knows, and you need to get it out. Holding it in can lead to self harm, self hatred, disassociation, lack of boundaries, staying frozen, emotional despair, anger, chronic illness from holding your truth and holding your tongue. In truth teller, I hold space for you as someone who understands. You can feel safe knowing you won’t have to explain yourself to me, or pretty up your story, or prioritize my energy over your own.

Truth teller is your opportunity to come home to yourself. Process your emotions, uncover the truth being held in your heart and body. Yes, it’s about shifting from frozen, self-loathing and in pain, but it’s also about the real you finally being seen. Witnessed with compassion, not judgment. This is potent medicine for infj women.

It doesn’t mean I do your healing for you.

It means I hold sacred space for you to heal your own story. If you’re ready to find your voice, heal your narrative and experience the emotional freedom and liberation of being guided to write the truth about what happened, truth teller is for you.

wound dwelling

Wound dwelling is how you move from hatred of your body to love. Discover love for your body through writing your story. The stories we tell embed themselves into our tissues an the body does not lie. it can’t. This writing is not for anyone else’s eyes. It’s for honoring your own feelings and body. it’s just for you. Writing your wounds opens you up for truth teller.