wound dwelling

A private, embodied writing coaching program for highly sensitive emotional abuse survivors who want to transform self-loathing and unexpressed trauma into deep self-compassion and a loving relationship with their body by honoring their pain.

Unexpressed trauma lives in your body. Embodied writing is the way to process and heal.

Your desire: to feel heard, seen and validated in your pain. To love and trust yourself again, deep down.

You’ve tried swallowing it, talking about it and attempting to explain it – usually to people who don’t understand. (And that just hurts more.)

Your heart hurts. Your body is expressing symptoms that feel very related to your untold story. You can’t sleep. You long for softness, but you feel all bound up and numb. You feel haunted by what you don’t feel safe accessing, talking about or trying to heal on your own.

As a highly sensitive, deeply intuitive personality (most of my clients are INFJ or INFP), you’ve likely felt misunderstood and vaguely invisible your whole life. You swallow your pain regularly. If you’ve experienced emotional abuse, you feel the lingering despair and (deep seated) anger of those memories in your body. Maybe you’ve been thinking about them for years (or years and years) with no idea how to release their damaging energetic charge from your heart and body.

You feel disembodied, quietly self-loathing and numb, filled with unexpressed stories and emotions and a deep fear of going anywhere near them even though on another level you really want to.

It’s time to unearth, honor and release the trauma that’s been locked inside you: intuitively, gently and with a brave pen. In the 6 weeks of Wound Dwelling, you’ll receive guidance and emotional support to honor your pain, release the deep charge of unexpressed trauma from your body and finally find a peace that will endure long after our time together is done.

“Wound Dwelling with Jennifer was so far beyond my expectations. Where we started and where we ended up was really unexpected. It was like, otherworldly to me. And I consider myself a pretty open person, but this was amazing. After working with her, I feel like I’m wearing this effervescent coat and there’s no way I’m taking it off.”

– Wound Dwelling Client

I’ve felt deeply disconnected from my body as a result of trauma.

Underneath the smile I shared with the world, I felt numb, quietly self-loathing and completely devoid of light. My body felt unsettled and rigid all the time; where I wanted to love and accept myself, I felt only fear. And sadness. And anger I was afraid to go anywhere near. Feeling those feelings, really sitting with them (let alone exploring them) felt deeply unsafe. I was afraid what I held inside would hurt too much if I allowed it, and I couldn’t stand any more pain.

But actually, feeling our feelings brings relief from pain. (Promise.)

Because freedom from trauma memories and a loving relationship with yourself are sacred and you deserve them, I’ve developed a deeply intuitive, somatic-based writing approach to:

  • Open a dialogue with your body and facilitate deep healing by honoring what it has to say
  • Access and release the damaging emotional charge of unprocessed trauma from your body, heart and mind through embodied writing and sacred conversation
  • Empower your voice and invoke deep self-compassion
  • Explore the stories beneath your wounds in a way that liberates you from their pain

It’s time to release your pain, fall back in love with yourself and empower your life. It’s time to wound dwell.

hello. i’m jennifer.

I absolutely love working with deeply sensitive (some might say intense) women like you who carry deep pain but are willing to feel it in order to heal from it. Who believe stubbornly in their ability to bloom after trauma and embrace the (sometimes painful, sometimes beautiful) journey back to themselves with grit and grace.

After my divorce from a deeply covert narcissist in 2014 (and the landslide of awareness that came in its wake of all the trauma my body was carrying), I fell deeply ill: body, heart and soul. Since then, I’ve healed my relationship with my body by being willing to tell its stories. I’ve discovered my voice and gotten clear on how to live an empowered life that feels magical, whole and true to my INFJ nature, and a large part of that was becoming the embodied writer and coach I’ve always wanted to be.

Since then, I’ve published a book about awakening to my exceedingly rare (INFJ) personality type and the experience of both surviving and reconciling a life filled with emotional, sexual and narcissistic abuse that one reader called “a must read” for empaths. I’ve come home to my body and calmed my symptoms considerably. I’ve rediscovered my creativity, sense of self-worth and feeling of beauty – on the inside. I’ve found forgiveness for myself and peace around what happened.

How? By:

  • Getting the story of what happened out of me
  • Cultivating a mindset of self-worth as a highly sensitive trauma survivor and believing my truth was worth telling
  • Leaning into my intuition to go deep into my feelings and do the vulnerable work
  • Learning and reflecting on the correlation between my symptoms and my emotional wounds
  • Honoring myself, and believing I could feel beautiful, whole and loved again

Dwelling inside our wounds and unearthing the self-love that’s been buried under everything that happened can feel impossible (and frightening), but it doesn’t have to. When you write your feelings (and talk about them) from a somatic perspective, you embody self-love naturally. One moment you’re wound dwelling, the next it’s as if you’re filled with light like shimmering gold.

I’ll show you.

the wound dwelling experience

An embodied, grounded life as a highly sensitive empath with a trauma history begins with getting the story of what happened out of you.

The body keeps the score and shame dies in safe spaces. I am three thousand percent in with you during the process: leading meditations, offering affirmations and intuitive writing prompts, asking insightful questions and holding compassionate, nonjudgmental space for you to express your powerful truth. Together, we’ll go deep into what wound you just can’t stop thinking about/feeling, where you feel it in your body, how it connects to your symptoms, what your insides need to say, and the potent emotional release that comes when you allow them a voice and learn to listen. With compassionate methods of perspective, self-exploration and intuition, you will have the tools to turn inward and liberate yourself from trauma memories based on your own feelings and sense of self-trust.

You’ll begin to release the overwhelm caused by unexpressed anger, sadness and self-loathing because I’ll show you how to gently embody those spaces, honor and release their darkness and silence the fear that you are not worthy of self-expression and healing.

you’ll receive

6 consecutive weekly sessions via video chat or telephone

Tools to turn inward and open a loving dialogue with your body

Embodied writing prompts to help you energetically unfurl after feeling bound up and numb (in session)

Intuitive movement meditations to flow newly shifted energy out of your body (in session)

Guidance & support in releasing energetic pain from your heart and body

My experience as an INFJ, creative writing MFA candidate and emotional truthteller with two self-published books all about emotional honesty and the mind/body connection

Deepened self-connection and a feeling of empowerment that surprises you

Email check ins and access to me between sessions

20% off of Empath Empowerment Coaching (when paid in full)

wound dwelling is for you if you are:

  • In search of guidance because you don’t know how to clear energetic pain from your body on your own
  • Quietly angry, sad or self-loathing as a result of emotional trauma and long for a more loving relationship with yourself and your body
  • Willing to share your writing and emotional responses with me as we work (Generally. You can always take a pass if you need to.)
  • Seeking insight on how embodied writing releases the damaging emotional charge of trauma memories from your body in a way you feel immediately
  • Hoping to empower your voice
  • Ready to explore your mind/body connection from a deeply compassionate perspective
  • Seeking to move out of your head and into your body for healing
  • Willing to dwell inside your (emotional or physical) wounds for short periods because you know that allowing deep feelings to rise up, out and be honored is the pathway to true healing and you are so very ready for it

wound dwelling is not for you if:

  • You don’t feel ready explore your wounds yet (that’s perfectly okay)
  • You don’t identify as a highly sensitive, deeply empathic woman
  • You are not in a physical/mental/emotional space to commit to working together for 6 weeks
  • You cannot dedicate one hour per week as uninterrupt-able for our calls
  • You are uncomfortable with writing, deep feelings or vulnerability
  • You only want to talk about inanity, not the truth about how you feel.
  • You are in an acute trauma state and looking for an alternative to therapy
  • The investment will cause you financial strain instead of excitement

“(After Wound Dwelling) I feel different. Sometimes stark different. I still can’t articulate what has changed or is changing. It feels massive though, like a total transformation happening. My posture is better, I’m singing in the car . . . ”

– Wound Dwelling Client


What if I don’t consider myself a writer?

You don’t need to feel like any kind of writer. The technique you’ll use inside sessions is free writing, which aims to bypass your thinking brain and connect you to your body. It’s not about craft in any way; you just have to be willing to keep your pen moving.

Will I need Empath Empowerment Coaching after this?

You might want it. The goal of Wound Dwelling is to uncover, honor and liberate you from the energetic pain of unprocessed trauma that your body carries. It’s very common to feel refreshed, creative and more self-aware at the end of our time together, which can bring about a deeper desire in you to learn to protect, honor and celebrate your sensitive self going forward.

Why do we do this for 6 weeks?

The process of releasing the energetic charge of trauma memories is much like peeling away the layers of an onion. It’s not a small thing to peel away the very outer layers, and each session will bring its own energy shifts and transformation, but the real magic occurs as you dwell ever closer to the heart: of the onion, the matter and your pain. For this to feel safe and integrate takes time; 6 weeks of Wound Dwelling gives you that gift.

Will working together guarantee that all my trauma is resolved after 6 weeks?

The purpose of Wound Dwelling is to help you release the energetic charge of trauma memories (or how you’re currently feeling, but haven’t expressed) from your heart and body. It is an intuitive process guided by your own body’s wisdom. Feeling it to heal it does not mean that you forget the thing ever happened and have absolutely no emotions about it going forward. It means the emotions you do have don’t rule you like they used to, eat away at you or keep you feeling broken and inflamed. And that guarantee about Wound Dwelling, I do make.

Do you have a payment plan?

Paying for the program in full comes with bonuses, but yes, I do. You can split the total into two equal payments if you need to.

Do you offer refunds?

No, I don’t.

It’s up to you.

Working with someone to help you clear blocks liberate your emotional pain is definitely an investment, and one I believe resonance plays a huge part in. As a highly sensitive, intuitive trauma survivor, your antennae is deeply attenuated. Your first step toward deeply embodied self-trust is trusting when you feel a resonance with a particular healer or process. Meaning, you can feel right now if something inside you wants to wound dwell.

Remember that emotional freedom I talked about earlier? Do this for yourself: imagine the liberation of getting what happened and how it festers inside of you out in a safe space, of connecting with your body and feeling filled with self-compassion where you’ve been blocked, frozen (and maybe a little hatred towards yourself). Imagine feeling more creative, unfurled, softer. More grounded, calm and loving not just towards yourself, but the people in your life too. It all starts with honoring your own internality.

Now imagine prioritizing yourself, believing your wounds are worth dwelling in, listening to and finding love for.

Imagine how beautiful that could be. (Really beautiful, right?)


Single Wound Dwelling Session: $137

6-Week Wound Dwelling Program: $679

Payment Option: Two payments of $357

*Client love note: you’ll receive 20% off of any other service or course with me when you choose to pay in full.

Payment Options

You can pay in full to hold your space (and secure your discount), or a non-refundable 50% deposit is due upon receipt of invoice once you decide to move forward with Wound Dwelling.

The second payment will be due on (or before) your fourth session.

Follow your heart.

Your heart – your body – can heal.

if you know you want this

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step 2: I will reach out to you (at the email address linked to your PayPal) within 36 hours to provide you with cozy pre-session prep suggestions and schedule your first Wound Dwelling Session. (Yay!)

introductory single session $137

full program (paid in full) $679

full program (2 payments of) $357