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Introducing Body Writing: A Heart-Centered Practice for Quiet, Creative Embodiment

Does your body have a story to tell? Body Writing is your way in: a heart-centered practice for self-connection and creative embodiment. The beautiful secret of writing is that it stirs the soul. It’s so much more than putting pen to paper. Intuitive writing calms our physical body. It’s a portal into our depth and can be deeply transformational.

The body of a highly sensitive woman is a walking collection of every experience she’s ever had. Years of glorious, mundane, quiet, tiny, crashing, sweet, painful, toxic memories and moments pulse in our blood and bone. Ongoing, supportive writing practice enables us to process, clear and make magic of these things before they back up and make us want to dissociate.

Body Writing is a creative immersion designed to create the sacred foundations of expression and support for sensitive women. It invites you beneath the surface chaos into your truth. We’re not writing about the body, but rather what we hold inside the body. It’s meaningful and somatic. The page becomes a sacred space where you finally feel seen and heard.

What does it mean to process through writing? It means writing towards a thing until it clarifies before your very eyes, until the memory you keep reliving loses its energetic charge, until you feel like you know yourself again. It means to let the words come, trusting both the fear and release that will inevitably follow once pen meets the page.

Body Writing invites you to delve into what happened, how you felt then, how you feel now, what you think about what happened, what you feel about it. What did it taste like on your tongue? Acrid? Honeyed? Black? How does it feel when you “let the soft warm animal of your body love what it loves”? If the memory you can’t forget was a color, which would it be? Why?

These are the kinds of questions we don’t get asked often enough. They bring us into our physical experience in a way both safe and thrilling. Body Writing is tactile, potent and all encompassing. Calming, too. It quiets the overwhelm. With every practice, you’ll move closer to your soft molten core, and there’s nothing more healing than that.

Body Writing is how you take your broken (heart, spirit, confidence, whatever) and turn it into art, as the late Carrie Fischer suggested. She knew exactly what she was talking about. It’s how we make life beautiful, and no one is more capable of that than a woman with the desire to self-excavate.

So whether you identify as a writer or not, you are very welcome here. Women seeking healing, published author women, thriving or blocked creative women, women who consider themselves novices, women who long to write but feel scared, women disconnected from their lives because of trauma, women seeking a creative outlet, women who simply resonate: Body Writing is for you.

Prompts will be taken from Wild, Women, Wild Voices: Writing from Your Authentic Wildness by the Lively Muse herself, Judy Reeves. They will delight and surprise you, inviting you to sink into the place where you embody instead of think and open your heart to the idea of sacred writing practice.

Body Writing is a celebration, invocation and deep dive into the magic within you.

Each session, you will:

  • Commit to writing as a self-exploration practice
  • Experience writing as an affirmation of what is beautiful about you and your experience
  • Connect with your intuition
  • Drop into and express your truth
  • Allow what wants to be written
  • Feel heard.

Session Details:

  • We meet online via Zoom once per week, for 4 weeks. Each session lasts 90 minutes. You’re invited to bring a candle, which we will all light together at the opening to connect our energies and call the Muse into our circle. Each session is guided by the idea of First thought, best thought. There is no second guessing, no falling prey to perfectionism. No need for any of that. An open heart (and a dedicated notebook . . !) is what matters. I will provide prompts and we will write to them; you may write as loosely or tightly toward the prompt as feels right to you in the moment. Just write what wants to come up. This is how you learn to follow your heart.
  • You will be given the opportunity to read what you’ve written. It’s very therapeutic to do so, but is never required. Each group will have a maximum of 10 ladies and be curated carefully by me, so rest assured you’ll be in a deeply supportive space whether you decide to share or not.
  • We write three times. To begin, we will write silently for 5 minutes with no prompt. This piece never gets shared; it’s the clearing-the-mental-clutter write. It makes room and primes the pump for the true delving that comes next. The second write will be 12-20 minutes. We write to a prompt, then move around the circle sharing what came up (if you want to). Our only response when you finish sharing will be Thank you.
  • It’s completely delicious and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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